Our Core Values


Building on the principles that defined the careers of its founders – honesty, commitment and hard work – Corebuild has evolved to include an additional four core values that drive every part of our business.



At the centre of Corebuild Construction Ltd. is our commitment to the people that make our work possible. Whether it be our dynamic team, our incredible clients or the people in our communities in which we serve, we understand that we owe our success to those who engage with our business and our projects every day. Every project we undertake is rooted in a shared passion to positively impact the lives of the people who live, work and play in the buildings we construct.

It is for that reason that we believe we have a responsibility to our employees, our clients and our communities to continue to act with integrity, work with purpose and contribute meaningfully. We also value the uniqueness of the skills, knowledge and experiences of our team members, which is why we strive to provide a workplace that is diverse and inclusive.



Bringing new ideas, technologies and processes to the forefront drives our passion at Corebuild. As a leading general contractor in Ontario, utilizing our team’s unique expertise and experience to push ourselves to dig deeper and dream bigger allows us to build projects and provide solutions that are unlike any other.

While we recognize our success is built on our past accomplishments, we also understand that the future will demand new ways of thinking, building and working, and we approach that mindset with the excitement and determination to innovate and get the job done right.



Conducting ourselves with the utmost professionalism means putting forth our expert knowledge and experience in a spirit of collaboration and respect, both within our organization and with our clients.

Led by the steady hand of our leadership team and fuelled by their years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of staying accountable – to each other and our clients. Relying on our expertise means engaging with highly experienced professionals who are trained specialists in their field.

Our clients place their projects in our hands, and this trust drives us to perform beyond expectations. Our skilled and accountable staff have a proven passion for building and an exceptional attention to detail, quality and safety.

Sustainability and the Environment​​

We at Corebuild know that future innovation is partly driven by the need to protect our environment, mitigate climate change and ensure sustainable solutions. As a top construction company in Ontario, we live that responsibility every day. That is why we make it a part of our values to commit to working in a way that preserves and protects the environment for future generations to come.

We are an experienced partner in the construction of both federal and provincial P3 infrastructure projects and a leader in LEED and green energy construction, generating renewable energy solutions including solar photovoltaics, wind power, geothermal and solar thermal.

Whether by integrating resource-saving technologies or using renewable energies and more, we always build knowing that the integrity of the surrounding environment and beyond must be maintained, and to that, we have an unwavering commitment.

Featured Projects

Corebuild Construction LTD.


We understand that example and excellence start at the top. Our senior management is continuously and fully involved in all aspects of the projects the company undertakes, regardless of scope or scale. Our leadership team is guided by a talented group of individuals with notable construction experience and knowledge of industry standards. We also strive to apply the utmost integrity while conducting business and in our daily lives.


A track record for excellence

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