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4,500 sq. ft. Hybrid Operating Room Addition at Hamilton General

Construction of a one–story plus mechanical penthouse addition to the third floor of the existing Hospital and renovations within the fully operational surgical department.

St. Joseph Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School

105,000 s.f. 3-storey Catholic Secondary school with 93 spot underground parking. The shape of the school is unique in that it curves and encloses an internalized Courtyard and compact plan which is capped off with 2 large green roofs over the atrium and gym.

University of Waterloo

A track record for excellence

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Corebuild Construction LTD.

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We embrace innovation and adapt to new technologies allowing us to deliver unparalleled service and outstanding results.

The Corebuild team consists of highly skilled designers, architects, engineering consultants, and craftsmen who bring to the table decades of industry knowledge and expertise; our main goal is to deliver exceptional workmanship and customer service.

Our staff is experienced in all structural construction and renovation projects and is managed by a competent leadership team, who oversees the completion of each project from pre-construction design to final completion. Our dedication and unwavering integrity allows our clients to confidently choose Corebuild as their construction company of choice time and again.

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