COR 2020 Certified – Health & Safety Refined

COR 2020 Certified – Health & Safety Refined

The Evolution of Safety Standards: From COR 2015 to COR 2020

Approximately six (6) months ago, Corebuild Construction’s Health & Safety Team retained 4S Consulting to prepare our group for the upcoming COR 2020 external audit.  It was our expectation that 4S Consulting would review Corebuild’s safety (binder) program and assist us in making the necessary adjustments to obtain certification.  However, despite our original program being advanced and meeting the requirements of COR 2015, we quickly realized that there were a number of key differences between our original program and the new requirements of COR 2020.  This prompted Corebuild and 4S Consulting to collaborate and set an objective to merge the two programs. Our initial strategy included re-organizing portions of our book, inserting new terminologies and improving our formatting.

To start, there were 3 new elements to add as part of the COR 2020 program:

  1. Management of Change – this element deals with technology developments such as SafetyLoop or Procore or any other new software/programs, Legal and/or other requirements (COR 2020 standards) and finally any additional OHS knowledge.
  2. Procurement and Contractor Management – the purpose of this section is to prequalify, then monitor and evaluate performance of the Sub-Trades. 
  3. Document Record Control – Corebuild’s method of tracking and monitoring changes to the program (Binder).
Each of these elements presented unique challenges when attempting to incorporate them within our current program. 


Expertise in Action – Leveraging 4S Consulting’s Services

The representatives of 4S Consulting were initially concerned with the timeline we had to work with, as they believed that there was not enough time to complete the restructuring of our program’s binder. Initially they suggested that we co-opt their book in an effort to save time.  Although this seemed to be an efficient option due to timing, we ultimately decided to prioritize quality within our Health & Safety program that we had built throughout recent years.  We then began the arduous task of adapting our book to the new COR 2020 standards.  Having 4S Consulting’s expertise on hand to help us discern the information requirements and develop the necessary policies, procedures and practices, with their audit experience and insight made for a smooth transition between the programs.

Our teams persevered as they successfully adapted to our program adjustments as well as the use of the new digital platform. The collaboration and synergy between Corebuild and 4S Consulting was evident as we managed to have everything in place, functioning well, and it ultimately showed in the results of our first external COR 2020 audit. 

Corebuild continuously strives to improve the safety of our sites, for our employees, subtrades and other stakeholders.  It is with a heartfelt “thank-you” for the efforts put forward in achieving this milestone.

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