Case Study: Shoring Techniques at Porsche Centre | Corebuild

Case Study: Shoring Techniques at Porsche Centre | Corebuild
Artist rendition of the completed Porsche Centre Kitchener-Waterloo dealership location consisting of a large Porsche car dealership with a futuristic facade set to the backdrop of the night sky.

Project: Porsche Centre, Kitchener-Waterloo
Client: Policaro Group

At our Porsche Centre Kitchener-Waterloo project, we are thankful to have a tremendous construction management and design team, which consists of the Policaro Group’s project personnel; the architectural team at RH Carter Architects, J.P. Samuel & Associates and Leonard Kalishenko & Associates Ltd.; and the Corebuild construction management team. Here, we have presented a short case study related to the structural systems used at our Porsche Centre Kitchener-Waterloo project, which included the use of shoring techniques to assist with the ongoing build.  

The Need

Construction continues to evolve as designers and builders work together to find more efficient and economical ways to build facilities of every size and shape. We have implemented a number of different building and shoring techniques on the Porsche Centre project to allow construction to proceed effectively and efficiently. Specifically, the Porsche Centre’s large footprint of 75,000 square feet and multi-use layout added unique requirements for the structural build of the facility, particularly with harsh weather conditions presenting an added challenge to the project.

The Solution

As we entered into the structural component of the build, a number of different structural systems were combined to achieve the layout and spans the facility requires, while still allowing for construction to continue during challenging weather conditions. Throughout the months of December, January and February, masonry, structural steel and hollow core precast components were incorporated into the work through the use of temporary winter protection – but this is only one aspect to consider as different building elements are brought together.

The building structure is designed to withstand the forces that will be placed on the building in its final condition as all of its subcomponents are installed, plumbed, connected fully and concrete cured to its design strength. However, during the assembly process, many of these components will not be fully completed and require temporary shoring and restraint to brace the structure for subsequent activities to continue. As we coordinate construction activities during this process, the roof structure for the facility is postponed until the hollow core precast panels for the second level are installed. 

During precast installation, the beams supporting these planks can be overwhelmed by the live load of the precast, thus, temporary shoring supports are set in place to allow precast installation to continue. The project also features double-storey concrete walls, which are critical to providing stiffness to the building in the lateral directions; however, these walls have to be temporarily braced until the roof steel is installed, thereby solidifying their place in the structural frame.

Photograph of the construction of the Porsche dealership structure consisting of beams and other components making up the skeletal structure of the building’s first level.
Photograph of a large, double-storey concrete wall being braced.
Photograph of two large, double-storey concrete walls set up at the corner of the building structure being braced from both the inside and outside walls.
Photograph of a large, double-storey concrete wall being braced from the outside wall as panelling is installed on either side, covering the perimeter of the structure.

The Outcome

Our experienced team of trade contractors, engineers and consultants work alongside our Corebuild construction management team to design and implement this portion of the work to ensure the project proceeds efficiently and safely. The use of a combination of different structural systems and shoring techniques has ensured the Porsche Centre Kitchener-Waterloo remains on track for its Q3 2023 opening.

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