Case Study: Temiskaming Lodge LTC – Pre-engineered Construction

Case Study: Temiskaming Lodge LTC – Pre-engineered Construction
The construction site of a large, grey-coloured long-term care facility surrounded by green farmland in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada.

Project: Temiskaming Lodge LTC, Temiskaming Shores, ON.
Client: Jarlette Health Services

The Need

Early in Q1 of 2021, Jarlette Health Services tendered project documents for the construction of a new long-term care (LTC) building along Drive-in Theatre Road in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario. One key challenge unique to the project is its remote location and the corresponding lack of labour resources available. 

As a leading construction company in Ontario with significant LTC construction and remote construction experience, Corebuild Construction responded to the tender call from Jarlette on March 19, 2021. After a competitive bidding process, Corebuild was notified by Jarlette that it was successful in its bid to become the project’s construction contractor. The scope of the project included the construction of a 128-bed, two-floor facility with foundation and site servicing work already constructed under a separate contract. 

The Solution

The facility will be built with cold-formed structural studs and roof trusses and a hollow core precast slab second floor, with a significant scope of the building requiring pre-engineered and pre-manufactured solutions. Specific to this project, the structural walls and roof trusses were pre-engineered and manufactured off-site and then installed through conventional construction at the site. 

Presently, pre-engineered construction has become a preferred construction method because of its efficiency, sustainability and architecture. Incorporating pre-engineered building components generates less of a carbon footprint and improves energy use and efficiency by producing less waste, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Additionally, because the structural stud walls and roof trusses were designed and pre-assembled off-site, additional manpower was not needed on-site, as Corebuild was only required to utilize conventional construction methods to install the pre-manufactured and pre-engineered building components.

Because of the remote location of this project, paired with an accelerated schedule due to the province’s high demand for LTC spaces, having pre-engineered building systems  was the best option for the Temiskaming Lodge LTC project. We have been able to efficiently provide materials and keep the project on time and within budget while also adhering to Corebuild’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. 

The Result

As mentioned, incorporating the use of pre-engineered building construction for Jarlette’s long-term care home at Temiskaming Shores has been especially successful due to the remote nature of the project. Because mass-building components are pre-engineered and manufactured off-site, it allows Corebuild to reduce and manage the requirement to provide additional manpower in a remote area of Ontario where labour resources are limited.  

Corebuild and its team members share a long history of completing commercial and mixed-use buildings in remote areas of Ontario, including Thunder Bay, Petawawa, Hawkesbury and Sudbury, to name a few. Additionally, Corebuild has other completed and ongoing projects that utilize pre-engineered or modular components. Our current pre-engineered construction projects include Fonthill Lumber & Trusses and ATV Farms.

All in all, the pre-engineered and pre-manufactured method has been well-received by Jarlette, and we are looking forward to project completion in early 2023.

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